Foal Extensions - Nanric, per pair

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  • Varus Fetlock (toed-in). 
    Apply to the lateral side of the hoof. Early detection is the key, as optimum response period is 5-30 days of age.
  • Varus Hock (windswept)
  • Valgus Knee (knock-kneed, toed out)
    The optimum window of response is 30-60 days.
How To Apply The Nanric Foal Extension:
  • Valgus Hock (windswept)
  • Clean the foot with a sanding block
  • Fit the cuff to foot using the center toe marker as a guide. Note the cuff length at the coronary band and trim when necessary.
  • Apply composite. We recommend Vettec's Super Fast for 1 week old foals and Equilox works well for older foals (though sedation may be required when using Equilox as it takes longer to cure).
  • Warm the extension in cold weather to speed set time.

Recommended Shoeing Schedule

Age___________Duration of Wear
5 Days________5-10 Days
10 Days_______10-14 Days
2 Weeks_______2 Weeks

How to Remove the Nanric Foal Extension:

  • When the Nanric Foal Extension is very secure, use a rasp or nipper to remove the extension.
  • Be careful not to nip the foot!